How much does it cost to design a web site?

How much a site costs to design depends on a number of factors:

- Number of pages on the site
- Types and number of graphic images on the site
- Programming
- Web copywriting
- Online marketing

A web site without any high-level programming, search engine optimisation or forms generally can be achieved between US$499 and US$1099 depending on the scale of your site. See our pricing plan. We'll keep designing concepts until you are satisfied. If you do not like the designs we refund your money with no questions asked.


How long does it take to design and build a website?
For a simple static website we require only 3 to 5 working days to complete your website. This varies on the complexity and functionality of your website. A typical website development will take about a month.

What types of web sites can you design?
We have designed all types of sites, ranging from simple brochure-type web sites to e-commerce sites.

How can I view my web site design as it is in progress?
Ron Arts, Inc uses an extensive project management site for communcating the developemnt proccess. Upon commencement of your first project, you will be given a login and password, which will enable you to access our project site. There you will be able to see the status of your project, leave messages & see design concepts.

All of our works-in-progress are protected by copyright laws and we digitally watermark graphic images to monitor any unauthorised use.

How many changes can I make to the web site after viewing the first design template?
You can make as many changes as you wish to the design template as you wish. We encourage clients to give plenty of feedback so that we can get the design template(s) established as soon as possible.

However, Ron Arts, Inc charges on an hourly basis. If you request too many changes to your site design, or if you change a design template after the entire site has been formatted with the template, you will incur more charges.

What tips can you give me for designing a web site?

Ron Arts, Inc follows 5 Basic Rules of Web Design. All web sites should be:

- Easy to read
- Easy to navigate
- Easy to find
- Consistent in layout and design, and
- Quick to download.


What other design services can you provide to supplement our web site design?

We offer a full range of graphic design services for both the print and the web including:

- Photo retouching
- Stationery design
- Logo design
- Banner design
- Search engine marketing for web sites

Do you provide hosting services in addition to designing web sites?
Yes, we do offer hosting services, please contact us for more details.

What is your payment plan for web site design?
We require 100% payment through credit cards to begin with any design project. You may wish to pay instalments if your project costs more than $1000. To pay for any design you are required to sign a contract and fax it to our office as instructed by the Project Manager.

How do I use my website to keep in touch with my customers?
By using email marketing, your website can be used to keep track of which parts of your website are most effective for your customers and to keep them informed of updates and product developments. Ron Arts, Inc can provide a complete email marketing solution that employs a customer friendly double opt-in system to give your customers control over how much and how often they want to be kept informed of new information.

How do I know my website is successful?

If you choose to host your website with Ron Arts, In we can provide you with live detailed real-time statistics on users 'hits'. We can also provide you with customized user statistics reports every month.

We can also provide more advanced reports and search engine marketing services to help ensure your goals are achieved.

Do you provide Domain Registrations?
Yes, if you would like domain name registration you can register and purchase a domain name absolutely FREE with all web designing packages.

I live in another part of the country, can you still build and design my website?

Yes! In fact, we have clients all over the world. Working via email and phone calls is all we need to build and design your website.


Ron Arts have been excellent in designing a quality website for Fitger Trading & Management and provide excellent customer support for us whenever we required to address our website matters. We recommend Ron Arts to all our business associates and to other looking to enhance their business with excellent quality websites.

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