Small Businesses Build Complete Web Presence With
New Ron Arts Package

MONTREAL, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Gas prices. Real estate. Raw materials. For the average small business owner, the cost of doing business just keeps going up. Fortunately, Web design firm Ron Arts, Inc. ( is bucking the trend: The company's new package, targeted to small businesses, provides a complete Web presence for under $400.

"Small businesses today are seeing their profit margins shrink. They're paying more for everything from fuel to supplies," stated Ron Arts founder Ron Williams. "We at Ron Arts feel a well-designed Web site is essential to every business, so we have introduced a new package that includes everything from the domain name to ongoing maintenance for one extremely affordable fee."

For just $399, the Ron Arts package includes domain name registration, logo design, a ten- to twenty-page Web site complete with customized graphics and one year of free Web hosting and site maintenance. Initial designs are typically available for review within 24 hours.

Once a Web site is established, Ron Arts also offers a key service to help it gain a greater Web presence: search engine optimization (SEO). The company uses established, ethical means of increasing clients' rankings in top search engines, including MSN, Google and Yahoo! "Without SEO, the most attractive, user-friendly Web site in the world will not be found on search engines," explained Williams. "It is arguably the least expensive and most effective form of advertising, online or off."

Ron Arts is one of those rare design firms whose clients needn't choose between cost and quality: In addition to its ranking guarantee, the company offers a money-back guarantee should clients be dissatisfied for any reason. Unlike most other companies competing in the low-cost Web design sector, Ron Arts employs in-house design and marketing teams to provide custom designs that showcase clients' businesses and appeal to their target markets. These are key reasons why Ron Arts has secured completely satisfied customers all over the world. Ron Arts serves a wide range of clients, from banks, insurance companies, and real estate firms to boutiques and churches.

"I have been using Ron Arts' services for the past two years, and they do an excellent job," said a client whose Web site,, was designed by Ron Arts. "They always work hard and I must say they go beyond [the] customer's expectation."

Ron Arts clients also enjoy 24-hour toll-free customer support via telephone and live chat. Founded in 2001, Ron Arts is a registered GEO TRUST member. To learn more about the company and its services, or to view client testimonials and the Ron Arts design portfolio, visit


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